The Paradox of the Senses

Krishna in Bliss

  Chapter II, Verse 14 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 14 The sense of heat and cold, pain and pleasure are born of the contact between the senses and their objects. However, it comes and goes; it is mutable. (Knowing their impermanence bear it as the wise do, O Prince.)   Helpful Translation: Physical sensations are produced when the thought or idea of a sensation comes into contact with its creation. The illusion or “product” of thoughts are temporary and limited by […]

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Chapter II, Verse 13   Sri Nerode’s Translation: 13 As the soul, or Atman, experiences in its physical self the changes of childhood, youth, and old age, so does it pass from one cycle of incarnation to another. Knowing this (cosmic fact) the wise grieve not thereat.   Helpful Translation: The ego attached to the body is aware of the physical changes from birth through death. The wise are attached to the soul. Similarly, the wise who are identified with […]

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Immortal & Undying

Marbles in a Jar

Chapter II, Verse 12   Sri Nerode’s Translation: 12 It is not that I, thou, or these things never were heretofore nor shall ever be forever and forever hereafter. All that lives lives forever. (We lived, we live, and shall live forever.) Helpful Translation: All incarnate, again and again, in different forms but essentially unchanged. Individualized conscious energy (the soul) exists for the entirety of creation.   Commentary: Wisdom requires a different perspective than ignorance. Attachment to physical existence is […]

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Death is an Illusion

Jagannath Ratha Yatra

Chapter II, Verse 11 Sri Nerode’s Translation: SONG OF IMMORTALITY 11 Krishna said: Thou art mourning for these who should not be mourned, yet words of wisdom flow from thy lips. The wise grieve neither for those that are alive nor for those that pass beyond the veil.   Helpful Translation: Absolute consciousness speaking with compassion tells the devotee yogi that justifying ignorance is the same as giving up. The wise know that birth and death are illusory even as […]

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Ancient History

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