Don’t Be a Victim of the Senses

Krishna and Arjuna

  Chapter II, Verse 6   Sri Nerode’s Translation: 6 Ah! Who knows! Which will be better, that they should conquer us or that we should conquer them? (At times, doubt arises in the mind as to what is better – whether it is better to follow the spiritual instinct of life which brings higher enjoyment of the spirit or not.) The very sons of Dhritarashtra confront us in the ranks – even slaying them we shall not care to […]

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Let Go of Both Good and Evil

Arjuna Statue

Chapter II, Verse 5 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 5 Better it would be to live on beggar’s bread than to slay these high-souled masters! Slaying these, even in this world, all my enjoyment of wealth and desires will be sprinkled with blood. (In spiritual pursuit many noble desires are slain, indeed, for the sake of more noble ones.) Helpful Translation: The worldly devotee Arjuna argues that begging  is more desirable than slaying his habits and sensual experiences. From an ignorant perspective, […]

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Respect is Not an Excuse for Inaction

Krishna lifting Govardhan.

Chapter II, Verse 4   Sri Nerode’s Translation:   4 Arjuna said: How, O Krishna, can I, in battle, attack with shafts Bhishma and Drona who are rather worthy of reverence. (In the spiritual path at times, one has to ignore the many worthy desires and ties to attain the Ultimate Reality. At first it is hard to reconcile it in one’s mind.)     Helpful Translation:   The little ego of Arjuna wishes to make excuses and avoid the […]

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Concentration Improves Life

Arjuna sets aside his arrows.

Chapter II, Verse 3 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 3 Nay, Arjuna, do not yield to feebleness; it does not befit thee. Cast off this paltry faint-heartedness, wake, arise, thou, the conqueror of thy foes! (The seeker on the path may succumb to faint-heartedness, not knowing the inherent invincibility latent in his soul.)   Helpful Translation: The devotee who has not learned to concentrate surrenders to worldliness by default. The intellect succumbs to every thought passing through the ether. Learn to concentrate […]

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Ancient History

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