Do Your Best, Forget the Rest

Chapter III, Verse 10 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 10 In the first dawn of creation, the Lord of Emanation, (the creator) emanated men; with mankind, he emanated sacrifice. Said He then, “By this shall ye multiply – this shall be the source of your supply – thy Kamaduk, the cow of plenty, giving the milk of abundance. (Here the theory is that God emanated mankind out of His Own Self and then Holiness and Impersonal self-giving action. Through impersonal action one […]

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Even a Worldly Person Can Understand Nonattachment

Chapter III, Verse 9 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 9 There is work of sacrifice and holiness – (work that is done with spiritual motive) unlike the toil that binds one to the world. Therefore, O Arjuna, work with the motive of sacrifice and holiness – free of personal desire. (The spiritual motive means that the right motive does not bind the soul to the fetters of karma.)   Helpful Translation: Attachment binds humans to their actions. Non-attachment to action, especially to […]

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Harmonious Action is Right Action

Chapter III, Verse 8 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 8 Perform thou thine allotted task, for work is more honourable and superior to idleness; even the bare sustenance of thine body would not be possible if thou takest to inaction. Helpful Translation: Whether you consider your life to be a gift, a burden or a mystery, it is in your best interest to take actions to fulfill its purpose. Even the base maintenance of the body requires action. An intuitive rendition of […]

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Overcoming Desire

Chapter III, Verse 7 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 7 But he who controls his sense by the mind (and yet), with impersonalness directs his organs of action to the path of activity, such one is truly remarkable. (For action is the consecration of physical energy on the altar of the spirit, employing the organs of action for service in conformity with the Divine Law and duty.)   Helpful Translation: Guiding the senses by the intellect and the human mind is superior […]

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Ancient History

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