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April 17, 2014

Ask your child the right question

Have you ever considered that every parent asks their child the wrong question? Parents and most adults ask children “What do you want to be when you grow up?” That is the wrong question to ask a child and it sets them up for both failure and disappointment. Instead, we should ask “What do you think would make you happy, each and every day of your life?” When a child can answer that question with a similar answer consistently then figuring out the rest of life is easy. So, you don’t have to become a doctor to heal people; you …continue reading

Anarchy & Economic Growth

Disneyland's Toon Town Coaster

Anarchy can create unparalleled economic growth through improved financial practices and just wealth distribution. Economies, like all material manifestations, cycle. The five stages of the cycle include: birth, growth, application, maturity and rest. Ideally, every society should acknowledge and plan to minimize the extremes in the cycle regardless of their form of government. However, only anarchy naturally minimizes the negative aspects of the cycle and maximizes the positive aspects. “When wealth is centralized, the people are dispersed.  When wealth is distributed, the people are united.” Confucius, The Analects As discussed in previous posts, anarchy requires maturity. The three steps of maturity …continue reading

“His Prisoner” Commentary

Paramahansa Yogananda at Niagara Falls

HIS PRISONER by Paramahansa Yogananda I dare not go Where my Beloved roams By the river of my love; For there I went to fetch Pure waters of devotion sweet To pour in offering at His feet, But His lotus fragrance Like a mystic potion Quite o’erpowered me. Timid of the surrender it evoked, I hied away from Him- Yet with Him ever has my heart abided. The more I fled from Him The more my mind fled toward Him. Though my body With winged strides of senses and desires Kept running, running from Him, My soul ever remained His …continue reading

Living Right Side Up

View from Mt San Jacinto, CA

The world is upside down. Humans currently approach life from the wrong direction. This causes conflict, disease, sadness and it perpetuates confusion. The human body is a tool of the individualized conscious energy within each person. In common terms, humans are “souls who should be enjoying a body, not a body who happens to have a soul.” To use a tool properly you must grab it from the right end. The correct end of the human form is the inner life, the wrong end is the all-consuming external experiences. Let’s consider a few areas of life and how they must change to become …continue reading