Conscience, Intuition & Sin

He without sin

Chapter II, Verse 33 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 33 If thou fallest back from this righteous warfare, thou forfeitest thy duty and honor and thus will incur sin. Helpful Translation: If a member of the Kshatriya caste refuses to “battle” the apparent nature of creation, s/he will also fail to gain the reward of intuitive Wisdom. Without the inevitable victories, the pain and suffering caused by ignorance becomes intolerable and the Kshatriya fails to fulfill her/his purpose in life. Commentary: Krishna […]

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Fight for Truth

Action on the movie set of "Baywatch".

Chapter II, Verse 32 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 32 Happy indeed are the warriors who are offered the joy of such a (righteous) war which comes unsought and which for them is an open gate to heaven. Helpful Translation: The duty of the Kshatriya caste is to “fight” for the ultimate Truth in all aspects of their lives. The outer battles serve as a righteous example to the lower castes. The inner battles open intuition-based Wisdom that reveals the laws that […]

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The Kshatriya Caste

Captain America in The First Avenger

Chapter II, Verse 31 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 31 Looking at thine own duty; thou must not trouble; for there is nothing higher for a militant soul than a righteous war. Helpful Translation: A warrior’s primary duty is to engage in righteous battles. These battles fulfill one’s purpose.   Commentary: Arjuna masquerades throughout the Bhagavad Gita as a soul in many different states of spiritual development. Each of these different states is noted by the use of a different moniker. (See […]

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Recovering Alcoholics May Better Understand


Chapter II, Verse 30 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 30 The dweller in the body of everyone, is this soul, ever beyond the range of destruction. Wherefore then thou suffer for that which can never suffer. Helpful Translation: The One who enlivens all bodies never dies. Grief over the death of any being is ignorance that should be avoided. Commentary: The recovering alcoholic perhaps has more insight into this verse than an average person. In Sanskrit the word used for the incarnate […]

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Ancient History

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