Anger is the Fall of Humans

Anger Destroys Memory

Chapter II, Verse 62 Sri Nerode’s Translation: THE FALL OF MAN 62 If one muses on the objects of the senses, there arises attraction (or attachment). From such (mental) Attraction springs desire. This desire flames into wrath (if anything or anyone comes in the way). Helpful Translation: Entertaining ideas about the senses creates an expectation. The expectation of a specific result from the senses (desire) causes a longing for fulfillment. Frustration arises when expectations are not fulfilled. Prolonged frustration inevitably […]

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The “All-in-One”

Krishna reveals the Universe Within

Chapter II, Verse 61 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 61 The self-governed (the steadfast) having controlled his senses, sits focused on the Inner Me, the Supreme. His wisdom is steady whose senses are under control. Helpful Translation: A conscious state of Intuitive Wisdom is achieved by focusing without deviation on “God”. This single-pointed focus brings the ability to always have an awareness of the best course of action in any situation. Following the wisdom from “God” makes the senses serve their human […]

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The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of Life?

Chapter II, Verse 60 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 60 Turbulent are the senses! The excited senses impetuously sweep away the mind of even a wise man who is striving after perfection. Helpful Translation: Incarnate in a body, the soul (individualized consciousness) is ever subjected to the sense lures. Even one close to the final liberation of unbroken concentration may fall victim and get hooked. Commentary: Sensual experiences as “the meaning of life.” Krishna’s description of the wise person who is anchored […]

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Longing Remains Until the End

The Heart Longs for More

Chapter II, Verse 59 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 59 The things (of senses) fall away from the self-governed men, leaving only longing behind. But his longing also ceases, who sees the Supreme. Helpful Translation: Unsteady concentration produces inconsistent wisdom. Unbroken concentration frees the soul from distractions caused by lower states of consciousness. Commentary: Krishna adds a detail about enlightenment in the verse, a detail that should be used for self-evaluation. He tells Arjuna that one who is progressing to the absolute […]

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Ancient History

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