Visual Concentration – Introduction to Trataka

Traditional mandala for concentration.Traditional mandala for concentration.

Concentration is necessary for every kind of worldly success. Focusing the sight is one of the easier concentration techniques to practice. Choose an object that is attractive to you. Place the object slightly above your line of sight. (If you wear contacts and plan to practice this for longer than three minutes, remove your contacts before practicing.) Sit comfortably and relax the body from your toes to the top of the head. Breathe in through your nose and out through […]

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Writing a biography

Ed in the driver's seat

Without storytellers, history would be lost. History belongs to the pop historian. Most of what the average person knows about history comes from the best told stories, not necessarily the most factual stories. A biography is a specialized form of storytelling based upon the example of one person’s life. There are four basic types of biographies: historical fiction, academic, fictional academic, and the prophetic biography. The first type of biography follows the fictional “based on a true story” format. The fictional style is most often used […]

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Ancient History

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