A Garment of Flesh

Crowd of Human Forms

Chapter II, Verse 22 Sri Nerode’s Translation:   22 Nay, as one putteth away his worn-out robes and taketh new ones, so the spirit putteth away the old garb of flesh and passeth into others afresh and anew. Helpful Translation: Like a human discarding old-clothes for new, the soul (individualized consciousness) discards a broken or aged body for a new one.   Commentary: Krishna gives an example of the nature of individualized consciousness, described in the previous verse. This analogy […]

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Life is a Dream


Chapter II, Verse 21 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 21 How can thou who knowest that Spirit is indestructible, perpetual, immortal, and immutable, affirm that he can slay or cause to slay spirit (that cannot be slain).   Helpful Translation: Knowing the individualized consciousness (the soul) is without substance, without form, beyond time and beyond duality, how could one’s consciousness be killed or cause the destruction of another? Even a limited, ego-imprisoned human can comprehend that “nothing” is not able to kill […]

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A Causal Perspective

USMC Run with Officer

Chapter II, Verse 20   Sri Nerode’s Translation:   20 Spirit is never born; neither does spirit ever die. There never was time when it existed not. Once it is, it existeth always; there never will come a time when it will cease to be. Both birth and death are but illusions. Unborn, eternal, and changeless is this Spirit. It remaineth forever the same. Never can death touch it though the body wherein it dwells turneth into the elementals.   […]

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A Shadow Existence

Shadow Outlines

Chapter II, Verse 19   Sri Nerode’s Translation: 19 He who thinketh that spirit can slay or he who regardeth that spirit can be slain – neither of these knows (the truth). Spirit can never slay, neither can it be slain. (To bring this focal idea, the Bhagavad Gita starts with the concept of the battle in a literal and symbolic sense as has been explained ere this.)   Helpful Translation: As the individualized consciousness cannot be killed, nor can […]

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Ancient History

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