Right Fulfillment of the Senses

Chapter III, Verse 20 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 20 Verily, Janaka, the Kingly Sage, and other saints attained blessedness by the performance of their allotted duty. Moreover, to leave an example for the guidance of people, thou should do thy duty (impersonally or without attachment). Helpful Translation: India’s ancient King Janaka is widely regarded as an example of an enlightened king. Janaka achieved unlimited consciousness solely by following the method of living in the moment. Intuitive translation: “King Janaka achieved unity […]

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Do Your Best Now

Chapter III, Verse 19 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 19 Therefore, do then always perform action that comes as duty, with impersonalness; for by the performance of duty in an impersonal way man mounts to the highest bliss.   Helpful Translation: Live in the moment by acting in harmony with the situation and not with personal desire. Selfless actions lead to Bliss. Commentary: Embrace whatever life presents with a positive attitude and completely focused on the moment. A common argument against “living […]

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Selfless Actions Do Not Bind

Chapter III, Verse 18 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 18 He has no object in this world for himself to gain by doing any selfish action, nor does he incur any loss by not following the selfish ends; nor has he need of depending upon any being for anything. (He is free, righteous and illumined, and does whatever duty requires.) (The verses 17 and 18 have been misinterpreted by almost every translator.)   Helpful Translation: The rare individual who has freed his […]

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Freedom Lies in Nonattachment

Chapter III, Verse 17 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 17 But the man who is devoted to the bidding of his Inner Self and is content in his Inner Self, for him verily there is nothing that is selfish to do. Helpful Translation: The wise man who is fully concentrated on his soul and is free from any attachment may perform his duty without becoming bound by creation. Commentary: I like Sri Nerode’s translation of this verse. His translation as well as […]

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Ancient History

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