Becoming a Good Student

Chapter III, Verse 2 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 2 With thy seemingly conflicting words thou only bewilderest my understanding. Therefore, tell me one thing and tell me positively by which path I can attain the highest good. Helpful Translation: I am confused. Your guidance appears contradictory on the surface. Please, just tell me how to succeed on the spiritual quest. Commentary: The devotee Arjuna tempers his approach to Krishna by taking his lack of understanding onto himself. The point expressed here […]

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Defining Action

Chapter III, Verse 1   Sri Nerode’s Translation: THE THIRD DISCOURSE YOGA OF ACTION Most commentators and translators forget that the Gita is written in verse. In verse, the composer cannot exactly put the philosophical word down and is compelled to put down the word that fits with the rhythm, even though sometimes there is exaggeration, hyperbole, and hiddenness of meanings. For example, take the word “jahi” or destroy, in 43. It cannot mean “destroy”. No one can kill a […]

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Never Give Up.

Chapter II, Verse 72 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 72 O Arjuna, it is the State of Eternal Bliss. He who attains this never treads the Path of Delusion. Who even at the hour of death contacts this Inner Life, he attains to Oneness with the Infinite – attains the Bliss of Nirvana. Helpful Translation: Unbroken concentration on intuitive wisdom is possible to achieve at any moment. Enlightenment can even occur at the moment of physical death. The aspiring sage usually remains […]

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The End of Desire Gives Birth to the Sage

Chapter II, Verse 71 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 71 He who shakes off the fetters of his flesh and longings, lives as a Master, not as a slave to his desires and lust, abandoning the passion of pride and the sense of I-ness or egoness, he toucheth the deep of Peace. Helpful Translation: There is no human craving or desire in the sage who has transmuted the limited ego into broad awareness. The person who lives in the moment completely identifies […]

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Ancient History

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