Joined with Wisdom

Role in Life

Chapter II, Verse 50 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 50 United with Pure Reason (or established in the evenness of mind) one abandoneth here both (relative) good and evil. (Their minds are set on the highest and impersonal good). Devote thyself therefore to this yoga. Yoga is the Art of Action (or such attitude does not bind one to Karma). Helpful Translation: Cosmic wisdom sees the beginning, the end and all potential variations of any choice a devotee faces. When attuned to […]

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Yoga as a State of Consciousness

Universal Consciousness

Chapter II, Verse 49 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 49 O, Arjuna, the action and deed (performed with the desire of results, rather than of right motive) is far inferior to that performed with a mind, undisturbed by thoughts of results. Seek refuge in this evenness of mind or pure reason. Wretched indeed are those who follow the path of virtue for the fruits they can reap. Helpful Translation: Actions motivated by desire are inferior (less helpful to the fulfillment of one’s […]

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Happy All the Time

Happy Place

Chapter II, Verse 48 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 48 Do thy duty in tune with the Divine, casting all ideas of self aside, remaining balanced in either success or failure. Such evenness is called Yoga.   Helpful Translation: One who transmutes the three qualities (the gunas) and the pair of opposites (duality) is in the state of balance called yoga.   Commentary: In this verse “yoga” means union. When one is no longer pulled through the cycles of positive, negative and […]

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Embrace Action with Intuition

Prime Minister Narendra Modi performs yoga along with others at Rajpath during mass yoga session to mark the International Day of Yoga in New Delhi on June 21, 2015.Photo By Pankaj Nangia

Chapter II, Verse 47 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 47 Thy duty lies with action only; never with the fruits thereof, so let not the fruit of action be thine motive. Neither let thyself be a victim of inertia. Helpful Translation: Once born each person must fulfill his purpose. Act to the best of one’s ability by following intuition (or at least one’s conscience) in the present moment without attachment to results. Commentary: Krishna makes the point that every person should take […]

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Ancient History

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