Show Gratitude and Give Alms

Chapter III, Verse 12 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 12 When thou givest the gods their tithes in the altar-flame (for spiritual services), the gods (the invisible forces of good) will grant you the objects of your desires. So he who enjoys the gifts of the earth without offering them in return to the gracious God (in return for human and spiritual services) verily, a thief he is.   Helpful Translation: Deep concentration requires the sacrifice of attachments and desires. The “thief” […]

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Seek Better Companions at Every Level

Chapter III, Verse 11 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 11 Worship and nourish the shining ones (the gods who conduct the cosmic functions, the invisible Powers). They shall grant you grace. Thus nourishing one another ye shall attain Supreme Good. Helpful Translation: Wherever one places their concentration and directs their energy through will power, this same is reflected back upon the individual. Commentary: Choose better company and you will be uplifted by their presence. In deepest meditation and highest states of development, […]

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Do Your Best, Forget the Rest

Chapter III, Verse 10 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 10 In the first dawn of creation, the Lord of Emanation, (the creator) emanated men; with mankind, he emanated sacrifice. Said He then, “By this shall ye multiply – this shall be the source of your supply – thy Kamaduk, the cow of plenty, giving the milk of abundance. (Here the theory is that God emanated mankind out of His Own Self and then Holiness and Impersonal self-giving action. Through impersonal action one […]

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Even a Worldly Person Can Understand Nonattachment

Chapter III, Verse 9 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 9 There is work of sacrifice and holiness – (work that is done with spiritual motive) unlike the toil that binds one to the world. Therefore, O Arjuna, work with the motive of sacrifice and holiness – free of personal desire. (The spiritual motive means that the right motive does not bind the soul to the fetters of karma.)   Helpful Translation: Attachment binds humans to their actions. Non-attachment to action, especially to […]

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Ancient History

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