Love is the Substance of Creation

Chapter III, Verse 28 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 28 But he, O Mighty-armed, who has true insight into the essence of things, knows that the objects of the sense and the senses are of the same nature, and knowing it, controls the senses and does not get attached to the sense-objects.   Helpful Translation: The spiritual warrior sees the connection between the senses and their objects. He identifies these as a result of the three qualities and chooses to enjoy them […]

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Doer or Enjoyer?

Chapter III, Verse 27 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 27 All activities are wrought by the interplay of diverse qualities of nature. Ignorant people, deluded by egoism, thinketh, “I am the doer.”   Helpful Translation: Creation operates by subtle laws. Only the ignorant egotist believes that he is the creator. Commentary: Compelled to reap the results of one’s adherence to or violation of the laws of creation, humans have no legitimate claim to the results. The laws function in spite of one’s […]

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The Masses Abhor Wisdom

Chapter III, Verse 26 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 26 Wise people should never unsettle the mind of the uninitiated by sowing in their hearts the seed of despair. Rather the wise ones should steadily act and then take action attractive to the uninitiated.   Helpful Translation: Wise men lead by example. The wise do not disturb the ignorant through force or argumentative behavior. Commentary: The ignorant man feels compelled to prove he is “right”. The wise man lives correctly and thus […]

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Act to Create World Balance

Chapter III, Verse 25 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 25 As the unwise toil but out of personal motives, O Bharata, so should the wise act but from an impersonal motive, considering the well-being of the world.   Helpful Translation: While attachment to results drives the activity of the ignorant, the wise man acts without attachment which helps to maintain a balance in the world. Commentary: Desire drives the human masses. “I want, therefore I earn (or take or create).” Personal desire […]

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Ancient History

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