Get out and LIVE life

Chapter II, Verse 40


Sri Nerode’s Translation:


In this (wisdom of Yoga) there is no loss of effort or wasted action; nor there is the element of transgression. Even a little of this knowledge shall save thee from (the sting of) great fear.


Helpful Translation:

Correct practice of any of systematic yoga results in a permanent improvement. Permanent improvement means that in the long, multi-incarnation journey of the individual soul, yoga supports the correct expression of and ultimate fulfillment of one’s unique role.

The fear of death in this verse specifically references the fear that self-awakening will be lost at death, even as the body, material wealth, family relationships, best friends and all related material sensory experiences appear to be lost at physical death.



Take action today with a positive attitude and you will progress through trial and error.

Practice any system of yoga and your progress will become eternal. Individual consciousness seeks the bliss it lost through accepting the limitations of incarnation. Yoga frees the consciousness from the ego-intellectual prison in a step-by-step, scientifically reproducible manner.

Positive self-effort never goes to waste.

You are evolving. Everyone is evolving. Many evolve very slowly. Those who value concentration and who practice the principles of yoga will progress more quickly. What is progress? Progress leads to wisdom and even-minded behaviors.

Watching television daily is like hitting the giant pause button on the pace of your own evolution. Turn off the TV. It’s not living life and it’s rarely even satisfying entertainment. Practice concentration, practice yoga, practice meditation and make positive improvements in your life.

We all have friends who proclaim that there’s “one life only.”  I’ve often heard them say, “You only live once.”

I no longer let these friends be lulled into their own delusions. I reply, “Well if you only live once, then why are you sitting on the couch watching television? Get out and LIVE life.”

“But I choose to watch TV.”

“Well, then you don’t value your life. If you valued a one-time-only life, you would get up and participate. You wouldn’t ever sit in the stands and watch someone else do anything. You would be doing and not avoiding.”

Ultimately, it’s about priorities and not about beliefs. People rarely follow their beliefs. Yet they often fulfill their priorities.

Make self-improvement and positive action the top priorities in life.


Easter Eggs:

Easter Eggs (hidden references to deeper meanings) in the original version of this this verse include:

Correct use of Sanskrit sets into motion vibratory changes on all planes of existence. The changes that support liberation of consciousness are irreversible.

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