No More Religion

Chapter II, Verse 46

Sri Nerode’s Translation:


To the one who is re-born and has realized the knowledge of the God-self, all scriptures are of as much use as a pool to people when there is a flood rushing all around.

(When the flood of divine consciousness reaches the shores of one’s life, what more use can there be of the letters of the scriptures?)


Helpful Translation:

The aspirant who has succeeded in expanding his awareness has no need for religion nor any of its trappings.


The true goal of every consciousness based religion is to graduate its followers to expanded realms of awareness. In other words, only the religion that produces those who no longer need a religion are a success. At the same time, the final state of liberation comes after learning the lessons offered by personal self-discipline, as well as moral and ethical living on the human plane.

Within my own circles, and to a larger extent in the USA at large, regular attendance and participation in any church continues to decline. (For detailed information, I suggest consulting Pew Research. Pew Research conducts surveys about the religious landscape in the USA periodically.)

Anecdotally, I’ve noticed an increase in reliance upon the intellect and secularism. The flood of unrestricted consciousness washes away the need for a religion, for the intellect, and for any combination of the two. Both dogmatic religions and intellectual secularism are limited by materialism and will never offer a complete view of any subject.

The ignorant mind, limited by its own perceptions, insists on defining spiritual liberation according to its own desire. “Full of Bliss,” “all Wise,” expressing “unconditional Love” are broad terms often applied to the breathless states of expanded consciousness. I’d argue that these terms also apply to the highest goals of intellectual secularism as well. Happiness, wisdom and love are the driving forces behind all human growth. Yet, these terms are inaccurate concerning the highest states of human expression.

Liberation of consciousness means that awareness becomes comprehensive. Thus one is “full of Bliss and misery,” “all Wise and ignorant,” expressing “unconditional Love while also completely aware of hate.” The liberated individual has every tool of consciousness in his tool bag. Liberated individuals will tell others that they see no difference between the highest and the lowest designations of humankind. “The first shall be last and the last shall be first,” according to Jesus, for example.

For the drama of light and shadow to continue, there must be an expression of polar opposites. This verse acknowledges that the liberated individual whose consciousness has transmuted all opposites into awareness, no longer has need of the limited guidance from either religion or the intellect.

Human descriptions, no matter how broad, limit the reality of the experience maintaining the most comprehensive form of awareness. Those able to maintain this highest state of consciousness consistently while in the human form are extremely rare in any period of time. Don’t discard religion or intellectual study during the period of the evolution of consciousness, but be aware that once one graduates from the limitations of humanity both religion and intellect are meaningless.

Easter Eggs:

Easter Eggs (hidden references to deeper meanings) in the original version of this this verse include:

Brahman – “Knower of Brahma” – One in the state of expanded awareness.

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