Joined with Wisdom

Chapter II, Verse 50

Sri Nerode’s Translation:


United with Pure Reason (or established in the evenness of mind) one abandoneth here both (relative) good and evil. (Their minds are set on the highest and impersonal good). Devote thyself therefore to this yoga. Yoga is the Art of Action (or such attitude does not bind one to Karma).

Helpful Translation:

Cosmic wisdom sees the beginning, the end and all potential variations of any choice a devotee faces. When attuned to universal intuition, virtue and vice have no meaning in human expression.

Unbroken intuitive wisdom found in the highest states of expanded awareness is the unfailing guide to success, regardless of human judgment or sensory feedback.


The “good” and “evil” of everything in creation is relative to the perspective of the one who experiences it. There are cultural differences, ethnic differences, varying customs of respect and insult, and in the current environment of political correctness even a single spoken word can cause angst and a violent response. Ask any soldier who has killed an enemy in combat if the approval of a grateful nation has removed the stain of that experience from his mind.

Expanded awareness and one’s true purpose in life cannot be found by satisfying all the inconsistent and highly-suspect expectations of one’s environment. To attune with your highest good and express the meaning of your current human form, you must identify your conscience, develop it with techniques of concentration and meditation into full-blown intuition, then follow the intuition that flows from a state of expanded awareness.

Not every human plays the same role in this world. Achieving the highest state of yoga – living a life guided by intuition in the present moment – does not mean that individual is a teacher. Each individual should fulfill their personal and very specific and important role. A few may be teachers, but most have other roles in the human drama.

What if the person whose purpose was to eliminate communicable disease from the world gave up this purpose to teach the methods of yoga those who insisted on following? Well, not only would communicable diseases continue but that individual would also not be liberated from the prison of the ego and intellect because he sought to fulfill a purpose that was not his own. Only you can ultimately determine what is right for you.

At some points in grand cycles of the ages of humanity, a highly enlightened being must play the role of “evil” in order to fulfill the duality required by continuation of creation. “Evil” and “good” are results (care not for the “fruits” of the action) that are not in the interest of your personal liberation. Be present in the moment. Embrace your role with a positive attitude, while following your intuitive guidance. Let the ignorant judge the relative worth of the results.

Yoga, the state of unbroken union with universal intuition, is the method of liberation.

Easter Eggs:

Easter Eggs (hidden references to deeper meanings) in the original version of this this verse include:

Buddhiyuktas – Joined with wisdom.

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