Achieve Unbroken Concentration

Chapter II, Verse 53

Sri Nerode’s Translation:


When thy mind, bewildered by the conflicting opinions of the scriptures, (at last) become unagitated, immovable, and firmly established in the God-self, then thou shalt attain God-realization. (I.E., When one does not move this way or that way just to suit the whim of doctrines and creeds.)

Helpful Translation:

Human intelligence reveals many varied “truths” about existence because relative truth is dependent upon a fixed and separate perspective. Only the intellect transcended by intuitive Wisdom – often felt as Bliss, or Love – will rise permanently above the relative vibrations of duality.


The experience of one-pointed concentration transcends all techniques and rituals. Once the Samadhi (unbroken concentration upon God, or nothingness) is steady, attachment to the experience of the world and its rituals is completely discarded.

Religions and governments are made by and designed for the ignorant. If all humans lived fixated in the moment, then neither government nor religion would be necessary.

Self-realization, nirvana, enlightenment, sainthood, Christ-like life – whichever term you use to describe the highest state of expanded awareness – the highest state is achieved gradually. Once the individual’s awareness becomes 100% stable, then there is no return to ignorance. All “future” action will be guided by universal law as opposed to the individual ego.

Unfortunately, during this transition period from ignorance to enlightenment, the ego wreaks havoc with the devotee who is progressing steadily. The ego creates highs of “I know what is right for everyone” followed by lows of “I know nothing, not even what is best for myself.”

The “trick” during the transition period from ignorance to enlightenment is to maintain a moderate and steady lifestyle. Continue to meditate daily. Continue to take proper care of the body, including mental stimulation. Continue to introspect and observe the opinions and attachments that the blind mind entertains. Develop silence when confronted by others. Avoid forcing your own brand of wisdom upon others.

Enlightenment is a personal experience. No group and no teacher (or guru, for that matter) can grant you enlightenment. When acknowledged world teachers of deepest spiritual truths state that the “Grace of God” is the final element required for enlightenment, they are referring to your individual role in relation to the whole. No fruit is ripe before its time, even if it may be surrounded by a bushel of ripe peers.

The greatest and only freedom any human enjoys is the ability to choose to be happy. Learn how to enjoy each moment, and the “moment” of final liberation becomes less important.

Easter Eggs:

Easter Eggs (hidden references to deeper meanings) in the original version of this this verse include:

Sruti – “heard” or “that which flows”

In this verse what is “heard” or “flows” refers to all vibrations. When vibrations cease, enlightenment is complete.

Buddhis – Translated properly in this verse, it refers to complete knowledge or “divine” intuition.

Nonattachment referred to phenomenal results (v51). Indifference referred to material, spiritual, causal action (v52). Fixated, anchored, unbroken concentration in this verse refers to the method of liberation.

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