The “All-in-One”

Chapter II, Verse 61

Sri Nerode’s Translation:


The self-governed (the steadfast) having controlled his senses, sits focused on the Inner Me, the Supreme. His wisdom is steady whose senses are under control.

Helpful Translation:

A conscious state of Intuitive Wisdom is achieved by focusing without deviation on “God”. This single-pointed focus brings the ability to always have an awareness of the best course of action in any situation. Following the wisdom from “God” makes the senses serve their human master versus enslaving him/her to the body.


Beyond the bag of experience that an average man calls his universe is a consciousness that is aware of the tricks within this bag as well as of all that which is beyond. Many advanced souls are like children with their heads stuck in the bag. However, this verse refers to the child who holds his head high and carries the bag known to human creation at his side.

In the final, or “highest” state of consciousness, one is united through concentration with nirvana, the “no mind”, or the “Father” who resides beyond creation, while also having complete awareness of all of this creation. Awareness outside the bag also includes consciousness of any other creation that has ever or will ever exist. When such a person engages with creation, the wisdom expressed is absolute in that it is aligned with all laws that govern the nature of the illusion.

Krishna advises Arjuna to seek a sage who is focused upon Him alone. A wise man may be literally withdrawn from the world, sitting still and undisturbed by any amount of sensory stimulation. However, this free person may also be fully engaged in the world, acting out a role while aware of the beginning and the end of all things.

Average human life is like a big sleep filled with wonderful and scary dreams. Like the human who dreams, the ignorant person passes through life with very little understanding. He reacts to the senses and over the course of time enjoys equal portions of joy and misery.

For the wise one who is anchored in the no-mind state, the senses can no longer influence or make the prison of ignorance appear appealing. The being who has achieved this state of consciousness is rare during any age of the earth. Why would graduate student return to kindergarten class hoping to find fulfillment in the information provided.

Wake from the dream of ignorance. Get your head out of the limited bag of this universe. Embrace the One-in-all and the all-in-One state of enlightenment.

Easter Eggs:

Easter Eggs (hidden references to deeper meanings) in the original version of this this verse include:

Yukta – joined, bound, steadfast, united.

Prajna – The surface translation is “wisdom” or “discrimination”. However, when using the Bhagavad Gita as a Sanskrit primer this should be translated as “the energy associated with the feminine or pingala nadi.”

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