Inner Peace is Healing

Chapter II, Verse 65

Sri Nerode’s Translation:


In that inner Peace and Tranquility, comes the healing of his earthly pains. The reason of his whose heart is set at peace soon attaineth equilibrium.

Helpful Translation:

Peace comes before joy. Peace and the cessation of vibration between the poles of opposites is a pre-requisite to healing force of intuitive wisdom.


Peace is the result of concentration. Concentration relieves the mind from erratic thinking and anxiety.

The restless human is never at peace. There is no lasting happiness without peace. There is no lasting enlightenment without happiness. Peace and happiness alone are not enlightenment, which is an expanded state of awareness.

One might take psychedelic drugs, for example, and experience a state of expanded awareness. MDMA, a current party, pop-drug, is said to produce feelings of love for everyone around the user. However, the insight and feelings of growth due solely to chemical interactions are not sustainable.

Some who strive for higher states of consciousness convince themselves that “I have all that I want, so I am enlightened” or “I have fulfilled my desire for love, so now I have transcended the need for sensuality.” While the road to enlightenment does involve transcending the desire for material objects, sensual human connections and intoxicants, it is unlikely that one who has only satisfied a few little desires has achieved an expanded state of awareness. If the human love interest dies, if the intoxicating morning coffee is unavailable, or if the beautiful home burns to the ground, this individual will quickly confront their lack of understanding.

The enlightened man first learns to be peaceful in all circumstances by achieving significant concentration. Without concentration and the associated baseline of peace, expanded states of awareness cannot be maintained.

Thich Nhat Hanh, a highly advanced Buddhist teacher, was asked by a student to join an anti-war protest. His response, “The Buddhist does not protest. To protest displays a lack of understanding.”

The student was not ready for the lesson and joined the anti-war protest despite the Master’s counsel. Protests are an expression of frustration inspired by fear and anger. It is better to turn frustration into positive actions that will bring about the results one seeks. The Gita notes that frustration, fear and anger are not desirable.

Jesus of Nazareth said, “Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.” While this is a literal statement about cause and effect, the deeper meaning is that one who has not attained peace will die in ignorance. The “sword” is the compulsion to react to the stimulation from emotions or ignorance.

Peace is a prerequisite to enlightenment. If one claims to be enlightened, the first quality that is evident is peacefulness. The overtly emotional person is not expressing expanded awareness.

Don’t be fooled by the idiot who claims, “I am enlightened. I just acted emotionally so that you will learn your lesson.” Without peace, higher states are not just elusive but impossible.

Concentration is required for peace. Peace is required for happiness. Happiness is required for enlightenment.

Easter Eggs:

Easter Eggs (hidden references to deeper meanings) in the original version of this this verse include:

Buddhis – In this verse, it refers to complete knowledge or “divine” intuition.

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