Concentration Produces Peace

Chapter II, Verse 66

Sri Nerode’s Translation:


There is no Pure Reason or Wisdom or Steadiness for him who is not harmonized (within his own self). Nor may such inharmonious ones enter into meditation. Those who have no meditation have no peace. And without sweet peace in the heart, how can one be happy?

Helpful Translation:

The lack of concentration, or “broken concentration” is a state where one is not united with any ideal or thing. Without an anchor to a universal concept or object, such as the sacred sound of AUM, peace does not come nor does lasting happiness follow.


Concentration leads to peace. Peace leads to happiness. Concentration, peace and happiness are prerequisites to enlightenment. The wise person expresses an expanded state of awareness that can only be experienced through focused concentration.

This verse elaborates on theme of the previous verse. Here, concentration is necessary to wisdom (verse 66). Previously, tranquility is necessary to end sorrows, in other words to achieve happiness (verse 65). Up next, lack of concentration carries away understanding (verse 67).

Hopefully, academics and intellectuals would agree that improved concentration also improves a student’s ability to succeed. However, established academics and intellectuals rarely continue to develop their own concentration skills throughout life. It’s also rare to find any discussions regarding how to concentrate nor information about the benefits of concentration in the academic setting. Concentration needs to be taught in our schools and the benefits need to be extolled even as schools promote the benefits of exercise and right eating.

Enlightenment may be considered a form of extreme concentration. The wise person has self-control. The wise person has peace and happiness. The wise person lives in a state of expanded, non-judgmental awareness.

Those who do not concentrate have “drama”. The individual without focus is not peaceful and at best only enjoys fleeting moments when he appears to be happy. The wise have no need for drama in their lives. Drama is restlessness.

Concentration initially seems difficult. However, if one persists with a concentration practice for even as little as twenty minutes each day, over the years peacefulness will begin to permeate all aspects of life.

Easter Eggs:

Easter Eggs (hidden references to deeper meanings) in the original version of this this verse include:

Bhavana – meditation, concentration, perception

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