Disneyland for the Soul

Chapter II, Verse 68

Sri Nerode’s Translation:


Therefore, O the Mighty-armed! He whose senses are not swayed by the objects of senses and are well restrained and who has mastery over them, is established in perfect wisdom.

Helpful Translation:

Wisdom manifests when the senses are controlled and the objects of the senses hold no power.


Who is the master of your body house? Do you rule your senses, or do your senses rule you?

The average man is ruled by his sense experiences. His ego reacts to the past (the external sense reports) following the limited guidance of his intellect (the storehouse of past experiences). The senses provide emotional highs and lows based upon the ego’s desires.

The wise man lives in the moment. From an expanded state of awareness, he guides his senses to create experiences and uses the intellect as a tool to ensure the senses manifest harmoniously with the needs of the now.

There is a philosophical debate whether the ego is obliterated or transmuted in the wise, enlightened person. The ego continues to exist as a “separate” entity, even after the individualized consciousness (soul) has been freed from limitations. The ego is the character role played by the sage and includes personality and human traits. The intellect and the senses also continue to exist in the person who has achieved the highest states of consciousness.

The differences between the wise and the average person include:

  • A wise person no longer reacts. Every action is pro-action that produces results in harmony with expanded awareness. Gone forever is the reactionary demands of the ego, the intellect and the senses.
  • A wise person does not identify with limitations. I am not the ego. I am not the intellect. I am not the collection of sensory experiences. Instead, I am the conscious energy that engages with and directs the ego, the intellect, and the senses.
  • A wise person “enjoys” everything. Creation is like “Disneyland for the soul.” The enlightened person enjoys every ride, every show, every concession stand and every meal equally. Do you like sweet or sour foods? Both are good. Do you enjoy the King Arthur Carrousel or Big Thunder Railway? Each is a fun experience. Do want to wear Mickey Mouse Ears or a Pirate’s hat? Any hat or no hat is fine.

On the surface, equilibrium may sound boring to the ignorant individual. However, the unattached consciousness is like a bird flying freely in the sky. The ego based consciousness is like a bird gripping a branch and tucking his beak under a wing during a storm.

Wisdom is dynamic, not static like sensual experiences. Wisdom is like walking on water, flying through air and space, diving from the top of a mountain into the depths of the ocean. The experience of Wisdom must be had to be understood.

Easter Eggs:

Easter Eggs (hidden references to deeper meanings) in the original version of this this verse include:

MahabahoA general epithet of warriors that is applied to both Krishna and Arjuna at various points in the Bhagavad Gita. One with omnipotent arm strength.

The deeper meaning relates to the anatomy and physiology of the nerve/nadi/chakra systems of energy and consciousness and must be examined by specific usage.

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