The Wise are like the Ocean

Chapter II, Verse 70

Sri Nerode’s Translation:


He attaineth Peace into whose inner self all desires flow (and become transmuted into powers) as the river flows into the ocean which is brimful with water and remaineth still. (He who desireth desires finds no peace.)


Helpful Translation:

Like the ocean is able to receive mighty rivers with no impressionable change to it’s level, so also the wise man is able to contain all desires without any loss of Self.



The wise man is satiated, but not to the point of weariness or disgust. If one could own everything and every experience known to humankind, what would that person still long for? Nothing.

The intellect and the ego keep the ignorant person occupied with fear. The fear of loss, the fear of need, the fear of pain and sorrow. Fear is not experienced in the highest states of consciousness.

The sage understands that the pair of opposites is an illusion. The enlightened consciousness has been expanded in a way that pleasure/pain, joy/sorrow, success/fail, life/death are all absorbed into the whole state of being without any impingement on wisdom.

Individualized consciousness exists. Even after individualized consciousness achieves liberation through non-attachment, it remains aware of its many forms.

The greater intention of creation, the sum of all forms of individualized consciousness, also continues after one becomes enlightened. Freedom of the soul means the soul fulfills its role and is able to enjoy creation for the playhouse it was intended to be. The sage is like a student who has successfully passed all exams. The sage is like an actor who is absorbed in playing his current role well.

In this section of the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna shares with Arjuna the qualities of one who is enlightened. This verse states that one who remains tranquil even when assaulted by senses, like the ocean is assaulted by the raging waters of rivers, is enlightened.

For the student who aspires to become a sage, this verse offers a ruler for introspection. As long as sensual experiences create an emotional or visceral reaction in a person, that individual is not enlightened.

Become like the ocean, able to accommodate whatever streams of thought may enter your consciousness.


Easter Eggs:

Easter Eggs (hidden references to deeper meanings) in the original version of this this verse include:

Kamakami – One who longs for the objects of desire

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