Never Give Up.

Chapter II, Verse 72

Sri Nerode’s Translation:


O Arjuna, it is the State of Eternal Bliss. He who attains this never treads the Path of Delusion. Who even at the hour of death contacts this Inner Life, he attains to Oneness with the Infinite – attains the Bliss of Nirvana.

Helpful Translation:

Unbroken concentration on intuitive wisdom is possible to achieve at any moment. Enlightenment can even occur at the moment of physical death. The aspiring sage usually remains blind to the final obstacles that need to be overcome until they are actually overcome.


Persevere without expectations.

Once the individualized consciousness (soul) has fallen into ignorance (caught by sensual temptations), one cannot predict the final moment of Self-liberation. Enlightenment may even come at the moment of physical death.

The failure who doubts and who has expectations of how expanded consciousness is supposed to unfold according to a dogma or scripture is likely to say at death, “I have given my life to God and what did I get?”

Enlightenment must be pursued without expectations. One who succeeds says at the moment of death, “I have not succeeded in this lifetime, so I will carry on with my pursuit in the next.”

One American movie actor might be very proud of his performance and say, “That’s Oscar worthy.” However, the Academy Award may be given to another.

Another actor might say, “I’m dumbfounded by my performance. It was the team and the director who raised me above what I ever hoped to achieve.”

Doesn’t it feel more likely that the second actor will win the Academy Award? The one most deserving of commendation is the one least likely to anticipate it.

Similarly, the aspirant who is consumed by the goal of enlightenment and not by the hoped for reward, is the one who achieves the highest state of enlightenment.

In all worldly pursuits, there is a standard of comparison or a quantified method to determine success. Wisdom, enlightenment, Christ-like attainment of consciousness is not as easily measured by comparison.

While there are “signs” in the pursuit of expanded states of awareness, it’s unlikely that the aspirant is able to identify when supreme success has been attained during the lifetime when it has been achieved.

In my own practices, I am often dumbfounded by how far the self-awareness of human consciousness appears to be from the exalted state of enlightenment. However, if the exalted state of enlightenment was not already present within, then self-awareness would not be possible. Humans without a soul would function like rocks.

Bring expanded states of understanding into life with introspection, contemplation, concentration and meditation. When the moment arrives for the material life to become a spiritual one, you will be ready to accept the mantle of the wise sage.

Easter Eggs:

Easter Eggs (hidden references to deeper meanings) in the original version of this this verse include:

ParthaSon of Pritha

Pritha is the birth name of Arjuna’s mother Kunti. (His “father” is Indra, the lord of heaven, Svargaloka, who has a thunderbolt, Vajra, in his hand.) Partha indicates the state of human consciousness that is innocent or naïve. Contrast with Kaunteya. The feminine origin of this moniker indicates it is related to the ida nadi.


Established in Brahman – achieves an unbroken, fixed state of consciousness.

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