Harmonious Action is Right Action

Chapter III, Verse 8

Sri Nerode’s Translation:


Perform thou thine allotted task, for work is more honourable and superior to idleness; even the bare sustenance of thine body would not be possible if thou takest to inaction.

Helpful Translation:

Whether you consider your life to be a gift, a burden or a mystery, it is in your best interest to take actions to fulfill its purpose. Even the base maintenance of the body requires action.

An intuitive rendition of the original Sanskrit states, “The greater ‘mind’ is ever active. Action is attunement to this expanded consciousness.”



An old adage tells us that “Showing up is half of the battle.” An active life is a life of progress. Eat healthy, exercise daily, meditate, introspect, do your best at your profession, enjoy life with a positive outlook.

A surface reading of this verse is self-evident. Laziness is negative. Action is positive. The avoidance of action in the name of pursuing stillness produces negative results. The habit of inaction makes it more difficult for one to take action when it becomes desirable or is necessary.

A deeper reading reveals that all of creation is constantly active. Even the atoms that compose the hardest stone are in constant motion. To deny activity is to be irresponsible.

The divinity within humans has given them the consciousness necessary to make choices. The human ego creates a form of insanity that obscures the positive choices which are in each individual’s best interest.

Laziness is the worst choice. Wrong action is better than sloth. Right action based on guidance from daily contemplation and meditation is better still. Right action with a positive attitude and without attachment to the outcome is the best.

For the highly advanced sage there at two types of peace. First there is the peace that comes from being in harmony with creation. This is an “active” peace. Second there is the peace that comes from the no-mind, non-existence space beyond creation. This is an “inactive” peace.

Anyone reading this post is part of the active creation. Seek harmony and be at peace with your state of constant action.

Easter Eggs:

Easter Eggs (hidden references to deeper meanings) in the original version of this this verse include:

akarmanas – “inaction” is not the original intended Sanskrit nor “without action” the correct translation. Attunement with, following the guidance of the expanded consciousness (which appears as the whispers of conscience in the ignorant) is the original meaning of this verse.

In terms of using Sanskrit as a mantra tool, attunement with the expanded consciousness of the greater “mind” is essential.

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