Do Your Best

Chapter III, Verse 22

Sri Nerode’s Translation:


Look at God, look at Me, there is nothing that is not attained, needs to be attained by God in the three worlds (the material, psychic, or spiritual). Yet God, I, ever-engaged in the Cosmic action.

Helpful Translation:

God is engaged in all aspects of creation although there is nothing to be gained. Likewise, humans should engage in activity without expectations.


Anyone who has been exposed to lasting scriptures and religions has likely heard that God is omnipresent, omnipotent and singular. There’s only one God. Omnipresent means everywhere, omnipotent means has all the power and singular means sole entity responsible for all. So, everything that happens and exists is the result of God taking action. If God were to cease action, creation would cease to exist. Yet, God gains nothing from this action, except a play, an amusement. Like a carefree child who plays solely for the sake of delight, God too consumes Creation with Joy and Love.

Man is made in the image of God and has a duty to follow God’s example of activity. There is no excuse for laziness. The body is always in motion to some degree. Direct observation has proven that even after a person dies, the body continues to undergo active processes of decay and transformation. Even though the “person” has left the form, change continues.

The egotist who believes he has no responsibility to engage in living is mistaken. Each day is like a new lifetime and each moment contains an eternity. The person who forsakes even a moment loses the opportunity to experience the joy and love that exceeds expectations.

If you refuse to acknowledge God as the Doer, then follow the material example of Mother Nature who is ever restless, ever active, ever striving to remake that which has already been made.

Engage in life. Follow your conscience until your intuition awakens. Follow your intuition until your peace and love awaken. Then follow the peace and love flowing through your intuition until an indescribable Bliss overtakes your consciousness and guides your actions correctly in each situation.

Do your best.

Easter Eggs:

Easter Eggs (hidden references to deeper meanings) in the original version of this this verse include:

Partha Son of Pritha 

Pritha is the birth name of Arjuna’s mother Kunti. Partha indicates the state of human consciousness that is innocent or naïve.

The Three Worlds – reference to the causal, astral and material aspects of creation.

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