Obstacles to Action

Chapter III, Verse 24

Sri Nerode’s Translation:


If I remained inactive, declining to do good, the cohesive power of the three worlds would come to an end and the world systems would collapse. Then I would be the cause of the admixture of the castes and would bring ruin to the people of the earth.


Helpful Translation:

If God ceased activity, the causal, astral and material worlds would cease to exist and there would be no progression available for evolution of human consciousness.


Action is not a struggle when you follow your inner guide and pursue your purpose in life.

Inner obstacles to action include:

  • Self-doubt
  • Laziness
  • Delusions of entitlement
  • Lack of direction
  • Insufficient meditation and contemplation


Outer excuses used to avoid action include:

  • Peer expectations
  • Performing boring work
  • Poor environment


Self-Doubt: This is the thought that you are lacking tangible and intangible qualities. People carry around doubts about their skills, their education, their experience, and even their emotional capacity. When you are living your joyous purpose in life you are complete in every moment.  Opportunities that present to you in life are the opportunities best suited for you at that moment. Sincerely make your best effort in any situation that you confront. If you doubt whether or not you are fulfilling your purpose in life, learn to meditate more deeply and practice contemplation daily.

Laziness: The heart of laziness lies in abuse of the senses and in not pursuing your dreams. Counteract inertia with self-discipline and by pursuing those things that engage your interest.

Delusions of entitlement: Entitlement is cyclical delusion that spreads across masses who are more concerned the lives of others than about performing their duties. The only “God-given right” is the right to conscious joy. Every material thing can be taken from you, including human life.

Lack of direction: The aimless life is one where the individual has not made any significant choices. Make decisions. Take risks. Develop your direction and purpose through action and by following the best option you understand in the moment.

Insufficient meditation and contemplation: Meditation and contemplation lead to clarified purpose and provide a direct access to joy and to more energy. It is a rare human who is destined to sit in meditation for more than six hours per day, yet anything less than 20 minutes a day is ineffective. You will know you have found the right balance when you feel joy throughout experiences of misery, pain and sorrow. True meditation is not debilitating. The person who claims that the “joy of meditation prevents” anything is delusional. Even the saints known to be lost in the thought of God lead active lives. Average humans using meditation as an excuse to avoid action are experiencing a human psychological barrier to progress. Meditation enables and energizes all activity but especially right activity.

Outer obstacles to activity like peer expectations, boring work and a poor environment indicate psychological issues that the individual must confront and address within themselves. If you feel overwhelmed and unable to overcome outer obstacles through daily contemplation (which is the time spent considering how to improve today’s actions, tomorrow), seek help from an appropriate counselor or trusted friend.

Inaction leads to failure and collapse. If you value the consciousness embodied in this life, you will act. Go beyond the sole desire to experience human life.

For the materially attached person, action leads to hope and a positive attitude. Inaction results in depression and negativity. Follow your inner conscience and fulfill your purpose in life.

Easter Eggs:

Easter Eggs (hidden references to deeper meanings) in the original version of this this verse include:

Nothing to add at this time.

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