The Judas Kiss

Chapter III, Verse 34

Sri Nerode’s Translation:


Like and dislike for the objects of the senses abide in the senses; it is natural. Let none be the slave of the senses or their objects. They are inimical to progression.

Helpful Translation:

Every object abides by the laws of duality and thus inspire likes and dislikes in the material man. This preference, the attachment to one thing over another, is the enemy of the aspiring sage.


“While he was still speaking a crowd came up, and the man who was called Judas, one of the Twelve, was leading them. He approached Jesus to kiss him, but Jesus asked him, ‘Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?’” Luke 22:47-48


The tale of Judas is an anthropomorphic portrayal of the senses. The senses and their objects promise something good “a kiss” but once entertained they arrest and imprison the soul.

Creation is based upon the laws of duality. There is a positive pole, a negative pole and all the “gray” variations between. Materialistic humans are bound to the laws of duality. Individuals develop preferences for the senses and their objects according to their past experiences and hoped-for outcomes.

The aspiring sage who desires to escape from the prison of the senses must avoid personal desires. There is no “good” and no “bad” in the consciousness of the Divine. These are labels assigned by humans who are bound to the dual nature of creation.

The aspiring sage might first begin by replacing the “good” and “bad” labels by reframing their understanding as experiences and things are either “helpful” or “harmful” to the expansion of consciousness.

With deep meditation and prayer, eventually the budding consciousness of the aspiring person realizes that the sole substance of the material universe is Love.  Souls incarnate as human beings to experience the personal nature of this over-arching Love. Born into form, humans immediately learn about the senses and incorrectly pursue the Love of creation through them.

Do not accept the Judas kiss of the senses. Instead cultivate an ever-expanding awareness of the Love that makes material creation possible.

Easter Eggs:

Easter Eggs (hidden references to deeper meanings) in the original version of this this verse include:


My intuitive sense of this verse is that it was originally intended to be much more extreme in nature. I imagine a military commander standing before his platoon. He has asked them to point their side arms at their head. He tells them, “If you pull the trigger you will die.” All of the soldiers nod their heads in understanding. Then without hesitation the commander shouts “Pull the trigger!” Only the warriors, who were able to discern between right command and one that causes a certain death, survive.

The materialistic, ego-loving human is constantly being told to “pull the trigger” of the senses. Likewise, their consciousness “dies” or remains imprisoned with each bullet.

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