Why Religions Surpass Governments

Chapter III, Verse 35

Sri Nerode’s Translation:


Better is the Divine self than the cult of the non-self, even well-followed. It is better to die in the attempt to follow the religion of the Divine self than the cult non-self which is fraught with evil and risk.

Helpful Translations:

The surface translation is:

Performing one’s duty, even if done poorly, is better than performing the duty of another, even if done well. Self-destruction comes from attachment to and performance of another’s purpose in life.

A deeper translation is:

The goal of all true religions is selflessness. It is better to do your best to follow the precepts of a true religion than to follow the dictates of the ego.


Ignorance is more blinding than the brightest sunlight and more opaque than the darkest night. Ignorance causes the downfall of societies and the inevitable cycles of governments.

A true religion cultivates a personal appreciation for the laws that operate all of creation from the inception of the universe until its end. The cult of the agnostic or atheist cultivates appreciation for the limitations of the ego and the human intellect which are bound to duality and change.

The difference between cultivation of the Divine versus the ego is proven by history. Religions survive eons. The oral history of the Bhagavad Gita and of the Jewish faith predate our current written language. These scriptures are based on cultivation of Divine understanding.

Governments are based upon the cultivation of the ego. Since the British monarchy still plays a role in the affairs of the United Kingdom, it may be said to be the longest continually operating government in the modern world. The British monarchy has been around for roughly 1,000 years. The Hindu faith which uses the Bhagavad Gita has part of its doctrine has been conservatively estimated as being around for 3,500+ years. The Jewish faith for 4,000+ years. Buddhism for 2,600+ years Christianity for 2,000+ years. And the Muslim faith for 1,300+ years.

Even the ego based governments that attempt to make Divine law into human law fail. Theocracies fail because they are corrupted by human desires and are based in the limitations of the cult of the ego which is subject to the laws of the duality of creation. Divine law applies to the individual. No one can improve one’s relationship with the Divine. It is a personal journey of understanding. Prophets and sages and messiahs hold up signs and give teachings to assist the individual on their journey.

Ignorance breeds judgment of others and belief that it’s important to force a way of life onto another individual. Western Civilization currently suffers from a rising dominance of the cult of the ego. Extremists insist they have the all of the answers to life’s problems and pursue violence to force their limitations upon others. Unless this is soon corrected, progressive civilization will collapse until right understanding born from personal experience of the Divine reinvents a better society.


Easter Eggs:

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