Writings from Paramhansa Yogananda (aka Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Yogananda, Mukunda Lal Ghosh).

January 5, 1893–March 7, 1952

By the Windmill at the Lake Shrine


These early writings, published under Swami Yogananda or Paramhansa Yogananda, are currently in the public domain. Some are compilations by individuals or organizations. Some are facsimile copies.

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At Niagara Falls in 1924

Yogoda (Tissue-Will System of Physical Perfection) 1925

The Cosmic Mother

The Master Said – 1952

The Sermon on the Mount

The Second Coming of Christ – 1st Volume

The Second Coming of Christ – 2nd Volume

The Second Coming of Christ – 3rd Volume

Afterword from Gandhi Lives

Psychological Chart

Miracles Of Raja Yoga

The Renunciate’s Valiant Vow

OM Song – Sheet Music

Birth, Marriage, Ascension, Renunciation Ceremonies from ’35 & ’49 Whispers

1930 Hotel Missouri Auditorium Program


Two letters to George Gay who ran a center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for many years.

Letter to George Gay, date June 19, 1948

Undated Letter to “Beloved George”

Letter to Oliver Black, dated May 11, 1951



The first East-West magazine from 1925:








1927 May-June Cover
1927 May-June Cover

EAST-WEST May-June 1927:

1927 May-June_Part1

1927 May-June_Part2

1927 May-June_Part3

1927 May-June_Part4

1927 May-June_Part5

1927 May-June_Part6

1927 May-June_Part7



1927 July-August Cover
1927 July-August Cover

EAST-WEST July-August 1927:

1927 July-Aug_Part1

1927 July-Aug_Part2

1927 July-Aug_Part3

1927 July-Aug_Part4

1927 July-Aug_Part5

1927 July-Aug_Part6



1927 Sept-Oct East-West Cover
1927 Sept-Oct East-West Cover


EAST-WEST September-October 1927:

1927 Sept-Oct_Part1

1927 Sept-Oct_Part2

1927 Sept-Oct_Part3

1927 Sept-Oct_Part4

1927 Sept-Oct_Part5

1927 Sept-Oct_Part6



EAST-WEST Magazine (1928):

East-West Jan Feb 1928_Part1

East-West Jan Feb 1928_Part2

East-West Jan Feb 1928_Part3

East-West Nov Dec 1928_Part1

East-West Nov Dec 1928_Part2

East-West Nov Dec 1928_Part3

East-West Nov Dec 1928_Part4


EAST-WEST Magazine (1929):

East-West Jan Feb 1929_Part1

East-West Jan Feb 1929_Part2

East-West Jan Feb 1929_Part3

East-West Jan Feb 1929_Part4

East-West Jan Feb 1929_Part5

East-West Jan Feb 1929_Part6

East-West Nov-Dec 1929 (lower quality)_Part1

East-West Nov-Dec 1929 (lower quality)_Part2

East-West Nov-Dec 1929 (lower quality)_Part3

EAST-WEST Magazine (1932):

East-West April 1932_Part1

East-West April 1932_Part2

East-West April 1932_Part3

East-West April 1932_Part4

East-West May 1932_Part1

East-West May 1932_Part2

East-West May 1932_Part3

East-West May 1932_Part4

East-West June 1932_Part1

East-West June 1932_Part2

East-West June 1932_Part3

East-West June 1932_Part4

East-West August 1932_Part1

East-West August 1932_Part2

East-West August 1932_Part3

East-West August 1932_Part4

East-West August 1932_Part5

East-West August 1932_Part6

EAST-WEST Magazine (1933):

East-West January 1933_Part1

East-West January 1933_Part2

East-West January 1933_Part3

East-West April 1933 (lower quality, smaller file)

East-West May 1933 (lower quality)

East-West June 1933 (lower quality)

East-West July 1933 (lower quality)

East-West September 1933 (lower quality)

East-West August 1933 (lower quality, smaller file)

East-West October 1933 (lower quality)_Part1

East-West October 1933 (lower quality)_Part2

East-West October 1933 (lower quality)_Part3

East-West November 1933 (lower quality)_Part1

East-West November 1933 (lower quality)_Part2

East-West November 1933 (lower quality)_Part3

Inner Culture, Dec 1933 (Partial – if anyone can share the whole, please do.)

EAST-WEST Magazine (1934):

East-West February 1934 (lower quality, smaller file)

East-West May 1934 (lower quality)

East-West June 1934 (lower quality)

EAST-WEST Magazine (1935):

East-West July 1935

East-West September 1935 (lower quality)

 East-West October 1935, Part 1 of 2

 East-West October 1935, Part 2 of 2

Inner Culture [EAST-WEST] Magazine (1936):

Inner Culture May 1936_Part1

Inner Culture May 1936_Part2

Inner Culture May 1936_Part3

Inner Culture May 1936_Part4

Inner Culture [EAST-WEST] Magazine (1937):

Inner Culture March 1937_Part1

Inner Culture March 1937_Part2

Inner Culture March 1937_Part3

Inner Culture [EAST-WEST] Magazine (1940):

Inner Culture July-Aug-Sept 1940

Inner Culture Oct-Nov-Dec 1941_Part1

Inner Culture Oct-Nov-Dec 1941_Part2

Inner Culture Oct-Nov-Dec 1941_Part3

Inner Culture Oct-Nov-Dec 1941_Part4






Golden Lotus Temple, Encinitas (lost to cliff erosion)

Aerial View of Encinitas











Golden Lotus Temple, Encinitas










AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI, first edition is in the U.S. Public Domain and is available for fred from Project Gutenberg. Click on the logo to be taken to their website.


Get Autobiography of a Yogi, first edition, here.






Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri, 150th Birthday Celebration, Brochure from Yogoda Satsanga Society (2005)






Self-Realization Fellowship, Articles of Incorporation as a Church in California, March 29, 1935

1935 SRF Articles of Incorporation