Desire is the Foe of Wisdom

Chapter III, Verse 39 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 39 Unsatiable like a flame is the hot desire of the flesh; wisdom is buried or covered in it. This desire is certainly the foe the wise need to govern. Helpful Translation: Desire burns wisdom and intuition to ashes. Commentary: Krishna continues to elaborate on the point he made in the last verse, which is that desire obscures wisdom and without wisdom one cannot live in the present. He also offers more specifics […]

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Desire prevents Joy

Chapter III, Verse 38 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 38 As smoke blots a flame, dust mars a mirror, or the womb wraps the embryo of the unborn child, so the true knowledge of things is hidden or covered by the desire of the flesh.   Helpful Translation: Material attachments cloud the intellect and hide wisdom. When wisdom is hidden, one is prevented from living in the ‘now’.   Commentary: The second response by Krishna to Arjuna’s question about what compels a […]

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The Origin of Compulsions

Chapter III, Verse 37   Sri Nerode’s Translation: 37 Krishna said: It is desire; it is passion, born of dark energies that push him to sin, all-consuming and all-defiling, know that this is our foe on earth.   Helpful Translation: Humankind is bound by the three qualities: positive, negative, neutral. Even a spiritual aspirant is compelled to sin by the neutral quality (rajas) because it creates the appearance of stagnation and of limitation. Limitations lead to frustration and give rise […]

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Tell Me About Compulsions

Chapter III, Verse 36 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 36 Arjuna said: O Teacher, tell me, under the compulsion of what does man commit sin, though against his wishes? What is it that pushes him to the evil path?   Helpful Translation: The Spiritual Warrior asks: Light of Wisdom, How is my soul compelled to sin even after I have begun spiritual practices? Commentary: Anyone, even the materialist, who has begun a practice of self-improvement quickly recognizes that there are many obstacles […]

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Ancient History

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