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A graduate of the journalism program at Boston University, Ed became a full-time author in 2013. He also completed the Robert McKee seminar on story structure and screenwriting.

“The Devotee’s Gita” is the primary focus of the blog until 2020. In the style of Indian teachers, Ed will be sharing insights twice a week. Follow @RishiEdSharrow to receive a link when each new commentary is posted.

“Murder in the Fifth” is Ed’s first murder mystery. Inspired by his former fun-loving neighbors, Ed conceived the idea while living in Hermosa Beach, California.

“The Last Battle: The Life of William the Conqueror” is a historically accurate fictionalized biography of the first King of England and the man who is responsible for many of the tenets of Western Civilization.

“Atlantis Sinking” – a fantasy novel; “Virtual Humans” – a science fiction novel; and “The End Game” – basic instructions on concentration/meditation are currently unavailable.
Devoted to daily meditation, daily writing, daily exercise and healthier foods, Ed strives to maintain a balance between worldly activities and contemplation. Ed lives in Los Angeles.

Rishi Ed

Rishi Ed

Ancient History

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