Why Religions Surpass Governments

Chapter III, Verse 35 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 35 Better is the Divine self than the cult of the non-self, even well-followed. It is better to die in the attempt to follow the religion of the Divine self than the cult non-self which is fraught with evil and risk. Helpful Translations: The surface translation is: Performing one’s duty, even if done poorly, is better than performing the duty of another, even if done well. Self-destruction comes from attachment to and performance […]

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The Judas Kiss

Chapter III, Verse 34 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 34 Like and dislike for the objects of the senses abide in the senses; it is natural. Let none be the slave of the senses or their objects. They are inimical to progression. Helpful Translation: Every object abides by the laws of duality and thus inspire likes and dislikes in the material man. This preference, the attachment to one thing over another, is the enemy of the aspiring sage. Commentary: “While he was […]

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The Intellect is a Dead End

Chapter III, Verse 33 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 33 Even a wise man acts in conformity with his own nature. (Therefore many follow their innate nature and never follow MY teachings.) Beings follow their inner nature. Therefore mere suppression of one’s own nature does not avail much. Helpful Translation: Even the intellectual man is bound by material laws and past actions. Some fight against these laws but amount to little. Commentary: Habits are one’s own nature. Bad habits of thought and […]

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Follow the Divine for Success

Chapter III, Verses 31 & 32 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 31 Those who ever abide in the teachings of MINE, full of faith and free from caviling, they too are free from all issue of their work – the results do not make them happy or unhappy – they do everything for the sake of ME. 32 These who think that they know, but really do not know – they, deluded and without discrimination go to ruination.   Helpful Translation: 31 […]

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Ancient History

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