The Kshatriya Caste

Chapter II, Verse 31 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 31 Looking at thine own duty; thou must not trouble; for there is nothing higher for a militant soul than a righteous war. Helpful Translation: A warrior’s primary duty is to engage in righteous battles. These battles fulfill one’s purpose.   Commentary: Arjuna masquerades throughout the Bhagavad Gita as a soul in many different states of spiritual development. Each of these different states is noted by the use of a different moniker. (See […]

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A Garment of Flesh

Chapter II, Verse 22 Sri Nerode’s Translation:   22 Nay, as one putteth away his worn-out robes and taketh new ones, so the spirit putteth away the old garb of flesh and passeth into others afresh and anew. Helpful Translation: Like a human discarding old-clothes for new, the soul (individualized consciousness) discards a broken or aged body for a new one.   Commentary: Krishna gives an example of the nature of individualized consciousness, described in the previous verse. This analogy […]

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Emotions Should Not Be Embraced by the Enlightened

Chapter II, Verse 2 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 2 Krishna said: How has this weakness befallen thee at this hour of crisis? It is inglorious, disgraceful and inimical to the Path of good and progress.   Helpful Translation: From an absolute and aloof perspective, from the internal subjective view, objective emotions are delusion. Human emotions should not be entertained by (embraced by) a true “Aryan” or one who sincerely seeks the absolute Truth.   Commentary: Emotions are arguably the most powerful […]

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Forget the Past, Begin Today Without Concern for Tomorrow

Chapter II, Verse 1 Sri Nerode’s Translation: SECOND DISCOURSE  The Yoga of Jnana or Perfect Wisdom  In this discourse, the true philosophy of life and immortality begins. From now on, the meanings are obvious, although the subjects dealt with are mystical in nature. Therefore, as I translate it, I shall not make it cumbersome for the Western mind to follow. From now on, there is no symbolic meaning intended in the text. 1 Sanjaya said: Arjuna was overcome with pity […]

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Ancient History

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