Action Is Better Than No Action

Chapter II, Verse 37 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 37 Slain, thou wilt inherit heaven; victorious thou wilt reign over the earth. Therefore, arise, brace up your courage and strike.   Helpful Translation: The results of right effort are never lost, so “fight” and fulfill your duty.   Commentary: The excuses and false rationalizations to avoid one’s inherent, intuitive, conscience-guided actions are endless. You are never too old, never too handicapped, never too limited to make an effort. Right effort produces right […]

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Unbroken Consciousness Requires Surrender

Chapter II, Verse 16   Sri Nerode’s Translation: 16 That which is unreal can never be; that which is real never can cease to be. This twin truth is known to the seers who recognize the essential from the accidentals or substance from shadows. Helpful Translation: Anything that has a beginning and an end is an illusion. The wise know the only Reality (Consciousness).   Commentary: Spiritual enlightenment may be defined as the state of unbroken consciousness. When consciousness becomes […]

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A Sensual Roller Coaster

Chapter II, Verse 15   Sri Nerode’s Translation: 15 The soul that is tranquil and remains unmoved in pleasure or pain and accepts joys and sorrows (calmly as mere lessons in life) is alone able to attain immortality.   Helpful Translation: As long as the devotee-yogi is disturbed by the senses, he cannot attain the continuous consciousness of immortality.   Commentary: Non-attachment to the senses requires understanding and action. Contemplation and meditation provide the wisdom each individual needs to succeed. […]

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Wrong Thinking Cured by Wisdom

Chapter II, Verse 10 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 10 While Arjuna was engulfed in anguish between the two armies, Sri Krishna spoke with a smile on his face. (When the Soul is on the path of doubt, the spirit within clears the path.)   Helpful Translation: The devotee yogi straddles Spirit and Nature. He waits in a state of sorrowful concern and regret over his past choices. Krishna corrects the devotee. Commentary: Arjuna is consumed by ignorance and Krishna laughs. The […]

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Ancient History

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