Judge Not to See Clearly

Chapter II, Verse 55 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 55 Krishna said: When a man completely casts away the desires (that shake his mental evenness) and finds soul-satisfaction in the contemplation of the soul, then is he said to be a man of steady wisdom. Helpful Translation: Wisdom unlocked by the absence of judgement “Sri Bhagavan” states: One who has left behind all desires and has left behind the limitation-bound mind, is content with Consciousness alone. This person has steady intuitive Wisdom. […]

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Action Is Better Than No Action

Chapter II, Verse 37 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 37 Slain, thou wilt inherit heaven; victorious thou wilt reign over the earth. Therefore, arise, brace up your courage and strike.   Helpful Translation: The results of right effort are never lost, so “fight” and fulfill your duty.   Commentary: The excuses and false rationalizations to avoid one’s inherent, intuitive, conscience-guided actions are endless. You are never too old, never too handicapped, never too limited to make an effort. Right effort produces right […]

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A Leader Who Stops Striving, Stops Leading

Chapter II, Verse 35 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 35 The great warriors in the chariots will consider that thou has turned thy back from the fray through fear. Thou wilt be thought of less by those who once thought so highly of thee.   Helpful Translation: When the Kshatriya refuses his duty to make a consistent effort to understand and express the ultimate Truth, other Kshatriyas and the masses turn away from him. Even those who once thought highly of the […]

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Concentration Improves Life

Chapter II, Verse 3 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 3 Nay, Arjuna, do not yield to feebleness; it does not befit thee. Cast off this paltry faint-heartedness, wake, arise, thou, the conqueror of thy foes! (The seeker on the path may succumb to faint-heartedness, not knowing the inherent invincibility latent in his soul.)   Helpful Translation: The devotee who has not learned to concentrate surrenders to worldliness by default. The intellect succumbs to every thought passing through the ether. Learn to concentrate […]

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Ancient History

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