Scriptures Address Individual Need

Chapter II, Verse 9 Sri Nerode’s Translation: 9 Sanjaya said: So Arjuna spoke to the Lord of the Senses, “I shall not fight”, and held his silence. Helpful Translation: “Master, I refuse to fight.”   Commentary: The lowest point that a devotee can reach is to refuse action, but the rock-bottom of the ego presents the greatest opportunity for improvement. (When a society hits rock-bottom, there’s a high likelihood of a revolution.) Change happens. A person who refuses to make […]

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Devotee’s Gita, Intro Part II of II

Why? In all the commentaries I have studied regarding the “Bhagavad Gita”, there’s one missing perspective. Love is missing. The ancients had an unconditioned love for humanity and an unmistakable interest in the evolution of the civilizations on earth. The wisdom of each yogic master was supreme in their respective field. Instead of taking their knowledge to the grave, the masters came together and created the most perfect text in the history of humanity. They then allowed the project manager, […]

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Ancient History

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